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New EP: Peter Cat – The Magus

Peter Cat arrived on my radar in 2020 with the release of The Saccharine Underground, a fine debut LP falling somewhere in the gap between what I guess you’d call art-rock and art-pop. What I liked most about that record (aside from the sheer quality of the tunes – many of which are inexorably burntContinue reading “New EP: Peter Cat – The Magus”

Sunflower Thieves – Lichtenberg Figures

‘You were struck by lightning, walking in the rain to your car / and when you awoke, the lightning left a beautiful scar‘ So begins the immaculate Lichtenberg Figures: Sunflower Thieves’ second single of 2022, arriving hot on the heels of January’s I Don’t Know Why, and November’s Sirens. As well as being a greatContinue reading “Sunflower Thieves – Lichtenberg Figures”

The Crayon Set – Downer Disco

It is a fact to say that most people haven’t heard of Dublin’s The Crayon Set. It’s also a fact to say that it’s a real shame, as they’re the kind of band that specialise in smart, hook-laden, melancholic pop reminiscent of the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and the Cardigans. Basically they’reContinue reading “The Crayon Set – Downer Disco”

Dunebug – Lie to Me

About two months ago I exchanged a few emails with the rather brilliant Chi Limpiroj, otherwise known as the London-based songwriter/purveyor of exquisite dreampop: Dunebug. I’d discovered her music sometime last year and had contacted her regarding the possibility of anything new being on the horizon. As luck would have it, yes, she was finishingContinue reading “Dunebug – Lie to Me”

New album: Gozer Goodspeed – Ghosts of the Future & Past

Often I’ll find myself thinking about the point of having a music blog in 2021. After all, in an age where the vast majority of commercially available music (in the history of commercially available music) can be in your hands, metaphorically, or at the very least dispatched by some faceless automated entity in order toContinue reading “New album: Gozer Goodspeed – Ghosts of the Future & Past”

New track: Pushpin – Garden Cities of Tomorrow

What a band. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the last year of covering new music it’s that there’s a staggering amount of great music out there just mooching along under the radar. Even so, every once in a while you still find yourself taken aback by the sheer brilliance of something that landsContinue reading “New track: Pushpin – Garden Cities of Tomorrow”

New track: Genevieve Miles – Storm Before

It’s been a few months since I (and many others) fell hook, line, and sinker for Genevieve Miles’ last release – the brilliant Magic Man / Sad Song – and so it was a pleasant surprise to find a new track tucked away in my inbox this week. Nicer still to find that it’s anotherContinue reading “New track: Genevieve Miles – Storm Before”

Girl From Winter Jargon – Song for the Waves / Matilda

Since starting this blog I’ve yet to encounter another piece that has kicked, screamed and fought as much against being compiled as this one has. Thwarted by a comedy of errors ranging from unseen emails languishing in junk folders – with both parties wary of sending potentially irritating follow-ups – to delays caused by twoContinue reading “Girl From Winter Jargon – Song for the Waves / Matilda”

New track: Midlight – Emergency Song

The release of Midlight’s debut single, Sink to the Level, last August marked them out as a band with something truly special going on. It was a track with a sense of atmosphere so thick and heavy that I wrote about it as a ‘living, breathing, constantly shifting organism’. Following this came the equally impressiveContinue reading “New track: Midlight – Emergency Song”

EP review: Faithful Johannes – Is Hopeful

Typically late to the party, I’ve only just gotten around to listening to this four-track EP from Durham City’s Faithful Johannes. Released back at the beginning of February through Win Big Records, with a sold out limited run of 8″ lathe cut vinyl, it follows 2019’s debut LP Thrills & Bills. Keen readers of theContinue reading “EP review: Faithful Johannes – Is Hopeful”