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New track: Ali MacQueen – Loretto

There are a few key artists whose names when mentioned as influences usually draw me towards something that lands in my inbox. Three of those most likely to elicit a response are Radiohead, Beck, and Neil Young. On the occasions that something turns up with one of these words orbiting around it, it can oftenContinue reading “New track: Ali MacQueen – Loretto”

A conversation with Smotherly Love

Arriving in my inbox during the death throes of 2020, Smotherly Love’s debut EP was very much one of my favourite finds of the year. A pitch perfect tapestry of exploratory psych pop that taps into the same retro futuristic vibes as the likes of Tame Impala, LA Priest, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Predestinate GroovesContinue reading “A conversation with Smotherly Love”

New track: Almost Sex – Rest Up

Almost Sex snuck into my inbox a few months ago with their last single, Charmer. I wanted to write slid into my DMs, because it feels kinda sleek and sexy – much like their music – but it’s a little too ‘down with the kids’ for my liking. And I’m writing this from deep withinContinue reading “New track: Almost Sex – Rest Up”

New track: Sugarmoon – Autumn Leaves

I featured Sugarmoon on the blog last year when they released the lead track from their previous EP, The Only One. Like the other two tracks on the EP, it was a lovely thing; full of charm, joy, and it displayed a real gift for bittersweet melody. To give you an idea of the kindContinue reading “New track: Sugarmoon – Autumn Leaves”

EP review: Blue Tiger – Artifice

Although a recognisable face on the Edinburgh music scene for a number of years – having fronted sludge-rock luminaries Plastic Animals – the gorgeous Artifice sees Peruvian-born Mario Cruzado step out from the shadows and into the light. I’d say tentatively, but there’s a confidence and assuredness bleeding through every second of this intentionally low-keyContinue reading “EP review: Blue Tiger – Artifice”

Track review: Dust In The Sunlight – Hard To Explain

After a successful year which has seen them release their self-titled debut EP, followed soon after by another release composed entirely of five remixes of its title track, London duo Dust In The Sunlight return to see out 2020 with a surprisingly tender cover of the Strokes’ classic 2001 single, Hard to Explain. Looking atContinue reading “Track review: Dust In The Sunlight – Hard To Explain”

Track review: Diving Station – June Damp

June Damp is the third and final track to be released by Manchester four-piece Diving Station in the last couple of months, and – alongside the equally magnificent Joanna and Fruit Flies – it completes one of the most exciting releases I’ve heard this year. As with the two previous singles, it’s another rich offeringContinue reading “Track review: Diving Station – June Damp”

Album review: Maeve Aickin – Waiting Rooms

Maeve Aickin is quite a talent. It’s incredibly clichéd to mention age like it’s a barometer of anything other than how many days somebody has been on the planet, but I’m going to do it anyway. At seventeen, the Minneapolis-based songwriter’s debut album Waiting Rooms is as astonishing a piece of work as I’ve heardContinue reading “Album review: Maeve Aickin – Waiting Rooms”

A conversation with Peter Cat

Next Friday sees the release of The Saccharine Underground, the debut album by Glasgow-based art rock outfit, Peter Cat. Well, I say art rock, but in truth it’s very difficult to tie up what he/they do in a neat little package. Essentially Peter Cat’s sound is an idiosyncratic mix of influences and eras – fromContinue reading “A conversation with Peter Cat”

Track review: Neon Islands – Moon

Taking influence from bands such as Interpol, Maximo Park, Sonic Youth, Foals, and Bloc Party, Neon Islands’ Facebook page bills them as “a cry for hope in the middle of a dejected culture“. With a built-for-radio sound based heavily around huge, shimmering synth lines, muscular guitars, and anthemic choruses, it’s an apt description. I shouldContinue reading “Track review: Neon Islands – Moon”