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A conversation with Matti Jasu

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a record called Up and Running by a Finnish musician by the name of Matti Jasu. Sitting somewhere between Magical Mystery Tour, Pet Sounds, The Soft Bulletin, Midnite Vultures, and Summerteeth, it’s a glorious technicolour dream of a record full of pop nuggets, pocket symphonies, and cosmicContinue reading “A conversation with Matti Jasu”

EP review: Neev – Forgiving Light

Completing her debut EP with the release of her latest single, Excuse Me – Glasgow-born but London-based singer-songwriter Neev captivates across four entrancing slices of melancholic folk pop. Opening the set with an ominous, almost tribal sounding verse is Tunnel Vision. It’s a strong introduction, very much on the front foot, and one that quicklyContinue reading “EP review: Neev – Forgiving Light”

A conversation with in earnest

Yesterday saw the release of Southend-on-Sea alternative trio in earnest’s debut EP. Having already released three of its tracks as singles in the lead up – put me under, come upstairs, and 29 – the eponymous collection is bolstered by three more unreleased tracks showcasing their atmospheric, unflinchingly honest brand of indie. The music onContinue reading “A conversation with in earnest”

A conversation with Funeral Lakes

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of discovering the brilliant Canadian alternative duo, Funeral Lakes, and – specifically – their latest release, Golden Season. I was immediately taken with their sound, along with their intensity, and soon found myself checking out their eponymous debut album from less than a year ago. MadeContinue reading “A conversation with Funeral Lakes”

A conversation with Merry Christmas

A few weeks ago I chanced upon a song called Shapes Appearing by the ludicrously (well) named Merry Christmas. The song was an utterly brilliant, colourful, and joyous mess of pop hooks and melancholia, and the band turned out to be one of the most batshit insane unique that I’ve ever come across. On theContinue reading “A conversation with Merry Christmas”

A conversation with Rees Broomfield

There’s an abundance of great music coming out of Essex right now. From the ethereal otherworldly vibes of Beckie Margaret, through to the alt-pop of BLAB, via Youth Club and Indian Queens – it’s an impressive list, and one that seems to grow longer by the day. Though the music is diverse, there is aContinue reading “A conversation with Rees Broomfield”

Album review: Asylums – Genetic Cabaret

July 17th saw the release of Southend art-rockers Asylums’ highly anticipated third LP, Genetic Cabaret. Recorded in Chicago, Illinois with the legendary Steve Albini behind the desk, the headline on the follow-up to 2018’s Alien Human Emotions essentially reads that it’s everything you would expect, and more. As with the band’s first two records, theContinue reading “Album review: Asylums – Genetic Cabaret”

A conversation with Campbell Sibthorpe

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was completely unaware of Campbell Sibthorpe. In fact it was only through setting up this blog that I chanced upon the Australian-born, London-based songwriter, when his recent EP – the superb ‘Ytown’ – found it’s way into my inbox. Calling to mind artists such as Fleet Foxes,Continue reading “A conversation with Campbell Sibthorpe”

A conversation with Adrian Lane

Adrian Lane is an artist and musician based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. As somebody whose work I’ve admired for many years, and as someone who continually sets the bar higher and higher with every new release, I was keen to get in touch with Adrian to discuss his working practices. Knowing that a time would comeContinue reading “A conversation with Adrian Lane”