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The Crayon Set – Downer Disco

It is a fact to say that most people haven’t heard of Dublin’s The Crayon Set. It’s also a fact to say that it’s a real shame, as they’re the kind of band that specialise in smart, hook-laden, melancholic pop reminiscent of the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, and the Cardigans. Basically they’reContinue reading “The Crayon Set – Downer Disco”

New album: Gozer Goodspeed – Ghosts of the Future & Past

Often I’ll find myself thinking about the point of having a music blog in 2021. After all, in an age where the vast majority of commercially available music (in the history of commercially available music) can be in your hands, metaphorically, or at the very least dispatched by some faceless automated entity in order toContinue reading “New album: Gozer Goodspeed – Ghosts of the Future & Past”

Album review: MG Boulter – Clifftown

I’m sure I’ve said it before on this blog; words to the effect of great art being able to conjure up a tangible atmosphere and a distinct sense of time and place. Often it is, as Thomas Merton put it, something that “enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. LivingContinue reading “Album review: MG Boulter – Clifftown”

Album review: Maeve Aickin – Waiting Rooms

Maeve Aickin is quite a talent. It’s incredibly clich├ęd to mention age like it’s a barometer of anything other than how many days somebody has been on the planet, but I’m going to do it anyway. At seventeen, the Minneapolis-based songwriter’s debut album Waiting Rooms is as astonishing a piece of work as I’ve heardContinue reading “Album review: Maeve Aickin – Waiting Rooms”

Album review: Peter Cat – The Saccharine Underground

I’ve tried to start this piece several times. A stupid amount in fact. At some point I was labouring over an incredibly pretentious opening that talked about “the annals of pop history” and went on to talk about the long list of oddballs, outsiders, and eccentrics that Peter Cat absolutely belongs to, but each timeContinue reading “Album review: Peter Cat – The Saccharine Underground”

Album review: Matti Jasu – Up and Running

Matti Jasu is a Finnish songwriter and musician, formerly part of a group named Goodnight Monsters, but now on his fourth solo album –  the playful, colourful, imaginative, and extremely melodic Up and Running. Hopping between the genres of pop, psychedelia, rock, electronic and country to name a few, Up and Running is a collectionContinue reading “Album review: Matti Jasu – Up and Running”

Album review: Merry Christmas – The Night The Night Fell

Merry Christmas describe themselves as a “ten-legged festive wonder tank from Tokyo, Japan”. Initially a three-piece of Ben George, Matthew John Thoren, and Joe-Joe Moran-Douglas – brought together through a mutual appreciation of Neutral Milk Hotel – the (excellently named) band, also consisting of Yuki Nishimura, and Yurie “Barihi” Yamaguchi, are quite an unusual propositionContinue reading “Album review: Merry Christmas – The Night The Night Fell”

Album review: Asylums – Genetic Cabaret

July 17th saw the release of Southend art-rockers Asylums’ highly anticipated third LP, Genetic Cabaret. Recorded in Chicago, Illinois with the legendary Steve Albini behind the desk, the headline on the follow-up to 2018’s Alien Human Emotions essentially reads that it’s everything you would expect, and more. As with the band’s first two records, theContinue reading “Album review: Asylums – Genetic Cabaret”

Album review: The Tumbledryer Babies – OMNIPOP

As the cover says, OMNIPOP is ten pop hits arranged for Suzuki Omnichord. If you’re unaware of what an Omnichord is, it’s a somewhat bizarre electronic instrument made in 1981 that’s somewhere between a Bontempi organ, a rudimentary drum machine, a keytar, and a ridiculous giant plastic peg. It’s also a very apt choice ofContinue reading “Album review: The Tumbledryer Babies – OMNIPOP”

Album review: The Equatorial Group – Falling Sands

When I started this blog, what I really wanted to do was find some great music that I never otherwise would have come across. It’s only been a few days since the first post was published – and already I’m excited to have been pointed in the direction of Sussex five-piece The Equatorial Group andContinue reading “Album review: The Equatorial Group – Falling Sands”