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Track review: Diving Station – Fruit Flies

I knew nothing of Manchester four-piece, Diving Station, until I heard their previous single – the mysterious, imaginative, and plainly magnificent Joanna. In my guise as a contributor to (the great) Sounds Good, I’d originally picked it for review based on the strength of the artwork – which is one of the best sleeves I’veContinue reading “Track review: Diving Station – Fruit Flies”

Track review: Peter Cat – ASMR

Taken from his forthcoming debut album, The Saccharine Underground, Peter Cat’s ASMR is a ludicrous blast of glam pop that sounds like a six-way pile-up between Franz Ferdinand, Neil Hannon, Primal Scream, Sparks, Pulp, and Lodger-era Bowie. Bursting out of the starting blocks at full throttle, with pounding drums, bouncing bass, strings, and brass, it’sContinue reading “Track review: Peter Cat – ASMR”

Track review: Native Son – Domme Kinderen

Taken from his forthcoming EP, Metro Dread, New York’s Native Son delivers a masterful mix of hip-hop, jazz, pop, punk, and soul on Domme Kinderen. Arriving hot on the heels of his debut, Brown Water – released last month, Domme Kinderen is a sleek, shape-shifting track that refuses to be pigeonholed. Whereas its predecessor wasContinue reading “Track review: Native Son – Domme Kinderen”

Track review: Mehalah Ray – Nevermind

Mehalah Ray is the pseudonym of twenty-two-year-old songwriter and musician Rachel Clark, based in Cambridge. A performer in and around her hometown from the age of fourteen, with several releases under her belt, Ray’s new single Nevermind is a beautifully-realised song that captures the universal feeling of having to let go of something/someone in orderContinue reading “Track review: Mehalah Ray – Nevermind”

Track review: Olivia Rafferty – When You Walk In

This is one of the best things to appear in my inbox for a while. Olivia Rafferty is a London-based artist, originally from Aberdeen, making indie-inspired dreamy bedroom pop music. Created remotely with collaborators during lockdown, When You Walk In is her debut single and, bluntly, it’s fantastic. It was the carefree simplicity of theContinue reading “Track review: Olivia Rafferty – When You Walk In”

Track review: Remy Sher – Rain in LA

Remy Sher is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Rain in LA is his second release – following his debut single from earlier this year into the world – and, I must say, it’s pretty cool. Pretty surprising too. Press play and the first thing that hits you is that classicContinue reading “Track review: Remy Sher – Rain in LA”

Single review: Genevieve Miles – Magic Man / Sad Song

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but it’s been pretty dreary here in Scotland these last few days. We’ve officially reached that stage of the year where there are far more grey, wet (dreich) mornings than there are bright ones. Such is the vibrancy of Genevieve Miles’ excellent Magic Man though, thatContinue reading “Single review: Genevieve Miles – Magic Man / Sad Song”

Track review: Beckah Amani – Standards

Wow. It’s difficult to know where to begin with Beckah Amani’s Standards. Do I talk first about the beautiful sparse production, the measured guitar playing, her exquisite vocal performance, or the lyrics that cut straight to the heart of the conversation about race, racism, and white privilege? Well, I’ll start with the latter. Written atContinue reading “Track review: Beckah Amani – Standards”

Track review: Ava in the Dark – Delete Us Forever

Based in Leeds, Ava in the Dark are a glossy synth pop/rock outfit led by the duo of Kiera Bickerstaff and Tommie James. Taking influence from a range of contemporary artists from the indie pop and rock spheres – including Pale Waves, Pvris, Nothing But Thieves, and Wolf Alice to name a few – theContinue reading “Track review: Ava in the Dark – Delete Us Forever”

Track review: Hennessey – No Transformation

No Transformation is exactly what pop music should sound like in 2020. Largely just omnichord and vocal, with occasional synth, it’s a stunning four-minutes-and-twenty-two seconds of deceptive sweetness that demands repeated listening. Taken alongside its video – directed by fellow artist Tony Oursler, whose previous music video collaborators include Sonic Youth and David Bowie –Continue reading “Track review: Hennessey – No Transformation”