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Track review: Jim Jam – Get Away

Opening with gentle washes of psychedelic vocals and an intricate acoustic guitar motif before giving way to an expansive, surprising sound pallet, Get Away is the latest single from South-East London’s Jim Jam (AKA James Newman). It’s an interesting listen – and a timely one, given how 2020 has unfolded so far – capturing theContinue reading “Track review: Jim Jam – Get Away”

Track review: Dust In The Sunlight – Dust In The Sunlight (The Big Pink Remix)

Earlier on in the summer, London-based indie duo Dust In The Sunlight released their eponymously named debut EP. Clocking in at fifteen minutes and featuring four sublime (and sublimely recorded) tracks of atmospheric and ethereal pop, Billy Wright and Annie Rew Shaw are a partnership that certainly know their way around a melody.  As doContinue reading “Track review: Dust In The Sunlight – Dust In The Sunlight (The Big Pink Remix)”

Track review: Emily Mercer – Gallery

Recorded in large part with her band just before the UK entered lockdown measures in March, Gallery is a dreamy, constantly shifting ballad that works its way from a sparse piano-and-vocal beginning through to a glorious full-band resolution. In the press release that accompanies the release, Mercer is quoted as saying it’s a song “thatContinue reading “Track review: Emily Mercer – Gallery”

Track review: Frances and the Majesties – Three Dogs

“We’re 7 musicians from Italy, the UK and Morocco and we dress like fucking lunatics” Those were the first words that I read about Frances and the Majesties, and they told me everything that I needed to know. It’s really refreshing to find a band that are so unselfconscious and, well, odd. Especially when they’reContinue reading “Track review: Frances and the Majesties – Three Dogs”

Track review: SWiiMS – Fill Me Up

SWiiMS are a four-piece indie band from Toronto, whose sound could loosely be described as a mix of shoegaze, new wave, alternative, and Brit rock. As people always say; first impressions are everything, and bursting out of the headphones like a heady mix of the Cure, Cocteau Twins, early Blur, and DIIV, with smooth feminineContinue reading “Track review: SWiiMS – Fill Me Up”

Track review: Sugarmoon – The Only One

I love this. The first time I played it I found myself spellbound. Opening with just organ before the band enter one by one, with the lyrics “don’t let me go” bouncing back and forth, it’s a sickly sweet slice of 1960s pop – kind of like Belle and Sebastian dressed as the Mamas andContinue reading “Track review: Sugarmoon – The Only One”

Track review: Sam Seccombe – Waiting on Your Love

Gliding in on a laid-back shuffle, warm bass, and some impressively fluid electric guitar, Sam Seccombe’s Waiting on Your Love is a seriously addictive, sleek piece of modern, post-breakup pop. Entirely self-produced from his bedroom desk in NW London – and complete with slick harmonies and a chorus that will stick in your head forContinue reading “Track review: Sam Seccombe – Waiting on Your Love”

Track review: Myles Morgan – Ikywc

I knew I was going to like Myles Morgan from the moment I saw the artwork. Sometimes you see a great cover and you approach the music with trepidation, but something about the stark black and white portrait just felt right. And so, when I pressed play for the first time, it was no surpriseContinue reading “Track review: Myles Morgan – Ikywc”

Track review: BLAB – R.I.P

That Frances Murray (also known as BLAB) is part of the stellar Cool Thing Records family is reason enough to give R.I.P a listen. However, it also helps that it stands up as a quite magnificent debut single too – regardless of who’s putting it out into the world. Exploding skywards from the get-go withContinue reading “Track review: BLAB – R.I.P”