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New track: MG Boulter – Midnight Movies

I’m sitting at the dining table in my father-in-law’s flat in the picturesque Scottish coastal town of Troon, my embarrassingly old Macbook groaning loudly as I look out over the vast cobalt blue expanse of water that separates us from the snow-covered peaks of the Isle of Arran. Over the past forty-eight hours or so I’ve listened an awful lot to MG Boulter’s Midnight Movies, and my intention has been to use this valuable time when my wife and I get to leave our son with our wonderful babysitter for our weekly four hours of freedom to write a few words about it. As I’m sure you’ll already have guessed; I am struggling to begin. My mind is racing and I can’t seem to settle on the right words.

What I am certain of, however, is that it’s a rather wonderful four minutes that lands like a reassuring, welcoming hug at the end of a miserable journey. Anybody familiar with Boulter’s previous work will have a pretty clear idea of what to expect, and while there aren’t any major surprises in store, there’s something about Midnight Movies that feels even more assured than what’s come before. Aside from being a songwriter of the finest calibre, this new material just sounds so good. It’s in the warmth of the acoustic guitars, the clarity of Boulter’s vocal, the strings that gently work their way in and out of the arrangement, the roomy piano that enters for the final third, and the kick and hi-hat playing off of the guitar melody (itself referencing Night Driving from 2018’s Blood Moon EP) and steering the song to its close. Expectations for the forthcoming Clifftown were always high, and Midnight Movies does absolutely nothing to change that. It’s gorgeous.

Recorded with longtime collaborator and producer Andy Bell, and due for release via Hudson Records on April 23, Clifftown features a roll call of musicians that include Pete Flood and Sam Sweeney (Bellowhead), Lucy Farrell (The Furrow Collective) and Richard Warren (Spiritualized, Mark Lanegan and Dave Gahan) to name but a few. You can find more information on the project, as well as pre-order details, here. Also of interest is The Clifftown Podcast – a companion piece of sorts to the new LP that explores some of the stories and themes that permeate the record, as well as the rich history of Southend-on-Sea and its surrounding areas. Check out the first episode below.

You can find MG Boulter on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram.

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