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I’m afraid that as of 14.05.21 the blog is kind of on hiatus. I may well return to it sporadically, but it’s unlikely I’ll be posting anywhere near as often as I have over the last year. I can no longer accept submissions either. It’s too time-consuming sifting through scores of emails and it’s horrible having to reply saying ‘thanks but it’s not for me‘ or, more often, simply ignoring them as if they were never sent in the first place.

Anyway, you can find I Said Yeah on Twitter and Instagram but I won’t be reading any emails or looking at messages. The best you can do is follow the blog on either of those two platforms and I might have a look at your page, follow you, hear your release and decide to write about it. I’ll message you directly if that’s the case.

The email address that I used to have on this page is now marked for closure and anything sent will not be seen.

Cheers and good luck with your release.

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