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I Said Yeah is a one-man operation with the sole intention of sharing new stuff that I think is cool and worthy of attention. I also like to talk to musicians and songwriters about their working methods and stuff like that.

For music submissions (or just to say really nice things) you are more than welcome to contact me via isaidyeah@outlook.com

I get a lot of emails so it’s unlikely I’ll respond to you unless I’ve listened, really liked it, and felt in a good enough space to do anything about it. I’m not really posting much at the moment though, so it’s probably best not to expect anything.

Please don’t send me angry emails telling me that I’m a wanker etc. for not listening to your music or not replying though. Just know that you’ve fallen into one of the following categories and I:

• haven’t listened

• listened and wasn’t blown away

• listened, quite liked it but didn’t feel I had the time to do anything about it

• listened, really liked it but felt overwhelmed with real-life and unable to function at that time

• had so much stuff in my inbox that I didn’t read your email, let alone listen to your music

• listened and hated it

• listened and thought it was in the realm of bilge like Miles Kane and The Lathums

• haven’t listened because I couldn’t face it

• haven’t listened because I took one look at the artwork and decided not to

• was put off by your email

• haven’t opened it at all

Anyway, there are loads of great blogs out there that you can contact who are probably much better at responding than me. You can find some of them here 👇

Hope that helps,


For a six-week period between August and September 2020 I used Musosoup to discover artists. During this period I published a total of eighteen paid pieces in exchange for small fees between £4-6. This information is clearly disclosed on the relevant posts themselves. I Said Yeah is no longer affiliated with Musosoup in any way, and all content (except the aforementioned eighteen) is free.

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