Track review: Emily Mercer – Gallery

Recorded in large part with her band just before the UK entered lockdown measures in March, Gallery is a dreamy, constantly shifting ballad that works its way from a sparse piano-and-vocal beginning through to a glorious full-band resolution. In the press release that accompanies the release, Mercer is quoted as saying it’s a song “thatContinue reading “Track review: Emily Mercer – Gallery”

Track review: Frances and the Majesties – Three Dogs

“We’re 7 musicians from Italy, the UK and Morocco and we dress like fucking lunatics” Those were the first words that I read about Frances and the Majesties, and they told me everything that I needed to know. It’s really refreshing to find a band that are so unselfconscious and, well, odd. Especially when they’reContinue reading “Track review: Frances and the Majesties – Three Dogs”

Track review: SWiiMS – Fill Me Up

SWiiMS are a four-piece indie band from Toronto, whose sound could loosely be described as a mix of shoegaze, new wave, alternative, and Brit rock. As people always say; first impressions are everything, and bursting out of the headphones like a heady mix of the Cure, Cocteau Twins, early Blur, and DIIV, with smooth feminineContinue reading “Track review: SWiiMS – Fill Me Up”

A conversation with Campbell Sibthorpe

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was completely unaware of Campbell Sibthorpe. In fact it was only through setting up this blog that I chanced upon the Australian-born, London-based songwriter, when his recent EP – the superb ‘Ytown’ – found it’s way into my inbox. Calling to mind artists such as Fleet Foxes,Continue reading “A conversation with Campbell Sibthorpe”

Track review: Sugarmoon – The Only One

I love this. The first time I played it I found myself spellbound. Opening with just organ before the band enter one by one, with the lyrics “don’t let me go” bouncing back and forth, it’s a sickly sweet slice of 1960s pop – kind of like Belle and Sebastian dressed as the Mamas andContinue reading “Track review: Sugarmoon – The Only One”

Track review: Sam Seccombe – Waiting on Your Love

Gliding in on a laid-back shuffle, warm bass, and some impressively fluid electric guitar, Sam Seccombe’s Waiting on Your Love is a seriously addictive, sleek piece of modern, post-breakup pop. Entirely self-produced from his bedroom desk in NW London – and complete with slick harmonies and a chorus that will stick in your head forContinue reading “Track review: Sam Seccombe – Waiting on Your Love”

Track review: Myles Morgan – Ikywc

I knew I was going to like Myles Morgan from the moment I saw the artwork. Sometimes you see a great cover and you approach the music with trepidation, but something about the stark black and white portrait just felt right. And so, when I pressed play for the first time, it was no surpriseContinue reading “Track review: Myles Morgan – Ikywc”

EP review: Angelsightings – Captivity

The mysteriously named Angelsightings is an appropriate choice of alias for twenty-one-year-old Nina Luther. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, and based in Phoenix, Arizona; Luther is a songwriter with a talent for delicate, ellusive, and fragmented songs that are modest in appearance, but conceal a confidence and maturity beyond her years. Taking inspiration from artists suchContinue reading “EP review: Angelsightings – Captivity”

Album review: The Tumbledryer Babies – OMNIPOP

As the cover says, OMNIPOP is ten pop hits arranged for Suzuki Omnichord. If you’re unaware of what an Omnichord is, it’s a somewhat bizarre electronic instrument made in 1981 that’s somewhere between a Bontempi organ, a rudimentary drum machine, a keytar, and a ridiculous giant plastic peg. It’s also a very apt choice ofContinue reading “Album review: The Tumbledryer Babies – OMNIPOP”

A conversation with Adrian Lane

Adrian Lane is an artist and musician based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. As somebody whose work I’ve admired for many years, and as someone who continually sets the bar higher and higher with every new release, I was keen to get in touch with Adrian to discuss his working practices. Knowing that a time would comeContinue reading “A conversation with Adrian Lane”

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